It’s less than 48 hours until the Lunar New Year Eve. Last week I read an article about changing yourself in just one month of blogger Svetlana Pokrevskaya. I think that it is so appropriate to apply that project in that time when we are supposed to celebrate the upcoming year.

That project is divided into 4 sections – one a week. Each week we have 3 tasks that we have to incorporate into our life and keep doing until the end of this project. 

Week 1: Purifying your mind and body

1. An early start. You’ll find it to be a period of peace and quiet when you’ll be able to sort out various things which you need to do without being distracted because everyone else is still asleep. This an ideal time for morning exercises, which will help prepare you for living the upcoming day to the max. What’s the point in getting out of bed, when it’ll just be the same depressing weather, the subway, traffic, work… But what if, instead of this mentality, you realized another great day is coming up, and your first thought when you woke up was ‘roll in the morning’? 

My note: You have to go to bed early if you don’t want to be too tired to start a new day. Cut out your surf-the-Net time and do some yoga then you will have a good sleep.

2. Better nutrition. The upcoming changes will demand a tremendous amount of energy from you. Most likely, you’re currently using up most of your energy on keeping your body functioning in the face of the effects of alcohol, cigarettes, and heavy, fatty or otherwise unhealthy food. Therefore, you should cut all of these things out of your diet. You’ll be happier and have more energy needed for an active lifestyle.

My note: Avoid going out for a meal. Cook your own meal with healthy ingredients. Eat more fish, vegetables and fruits.


3. Sports. To shake some life out of a tired body, you need to shake your body itself. And by any method which seems right for you.

My note: Using stairs instead of elevators, running around your area, dancing with your favorite song or spend 15 mins for yoga every day can change your life a lot and do not take you too much time. 


Week 2: Putting your private life in order

1. Clean up your personal space. Think about it: every single object in your house — even the smallest — not only takes up space, but also consumes some of your energy. Is it really worth holding on to it? Keep only stuff which really is useful or you actually need, which makes you happy, or which you most cherish.

2. Sort out your personal business, fulfill your obligations. You need to remind yourself of all the promises which you’ve made to yourself and to others and decide how you’re going to deal with them. You essentially have two options: (1) fulfill them, or (2) striking them from your ‘to do’ list forever.

3. Sort out your social life. Break off any relationships which you feel pull you backward or make you depressed. Give up talking to all those who have a negative outlook, who are arrogant, and with whom you have nothing in common. Learn to just walk away, and to say no. Allow yourself to be ungrateful, ill-mannered, to act crazy, to be unpleasant — if that’s what it takes to feel free. The only exception to all this should be your parents.


Week 3: Plans, goals and dreams

1. Write down, and then carry out your plans. Remember, what is it that you love or at some point used to love doing? Don’t forget that you should not only be taking your work and financial obligations seriously, but also plan your free time — so you can relax, see friends and loved ones, and (this is the one everyone always forgets) find time for yourself. You should write the kind of plan that you’ll be itching to get started on. Write it out all in one go, and don’t forget to include specific deadlines and steps to take.

2. List your most implausible dreams. You have to make a list of all those things you dream of doing, but which is so implausible that you know it will absolutely never happen. Ignore the sensible voice in your head, and imagine that the world is your oyster; all you have to do is click your fingers. You have all the time, money, connections, and talent that you need.

3. Plan things on a daily basis. Write a plan for the next day every evening. It doesn’t matter whether it’s short, or only a rough plan — it can be any kind of plan as long as you’ve written it. Moreover, don’t forget to have a look at your overall plan and ask yourself where you’re going in life.

business planner

Week 4: Expand your horizons

1. Try to live differently. Even the smallest things can have an effect. Take a different route to work. Try a new kind of sport. Try doing what you’ve never done before. And every day, when you’re busy with stuff you’re used to doing all the time, ask yourself the question — what can I do a little differently right now? You need to get into the habit of trying something new; that way you’ll gradually get off the beaten track.

2. Get out of your comfort zone. Of course, if you’ve managed to carry out all the previous steps, you’ve already advanced a long way out of your comfort zone. But you need to go further and look your biggest fears in the eyes. And not only look at them but also do battle with them. On this subject, I am a proponent of radical methods. Scared of heights? Go skydiving. Terrified of your boss? Go to him alone with a new project proposal. If you dread meeting new people, head to a party where you don’t know anyone else (and go on your own, so you can’t talk to your friend all night). We learn new things and develop in these kinds of situations.

3. Take a break. Only ’taking a break’ here means that you have to get out of the house, turn off the Wi-Fi connection, and spend some time alone. It also means giving yourself some honest feedback. What was this past month like for you? How did it all go, what changes occurred in your life? And how will you carry on and go further now that it’s over?



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